My “New” Normal A Story About the Power of Evolution and Self-Discovery

Posted on June 03 2017

My life is a “new” kind of normal where I can now discuss Black social issues and not be nearly as angry. Disappointed? Yes. But, angry? A little bit but not nearly as much as I used to be.
My anger a lot of times is really my pain. I still feel that pain from time to time when I turn off my autopilot mode and think and I mean really think of the mess we are in as a race, as a Nation, as the World.
I was out and about today. Running usual errands and one of my pitstops was Wal-Mart.
And was it just me but I promise you that I could cut the racial tension with a knife.
Nowadays, every time I go out, I can feel every feeling of everyone around me. Just as an empath would.
I used to try to shut it out but now I am learning how to better manage the awkward, sometimes, angry energy that I can feel coming off of a person.
My “new” normal is being able to switch from Black Power posts to sympathizing with issues affecting other races. Yet, knowing I must have loyalty to my race first because everyone else has loyalty to their race first. And I want us to survive too. That’s only fair.
My “new” normal is waking up everyday to fight against White Supremacy. It has become a way of life, something I don’t think much about as I boycott things that condones and support an oppressive system and ideology that no one should be subjected to.
A “new” normal. Not a “new” Black. I’m still Black. We’re still Black. In all our separate hues. From very light to dark as night. Adaptable. A strength like none other. Flexible. But so lovable that at many times, my people are just lost and quite vulnerable that I worry about them all constantly.
My “new” normal is Intelligence and Creativity. It’s cool to be smart and thinking outside the box. My “new” normal is getting used to my newly found freedom as an Entrepreneur.
My “new” normal isn’t necessarily good or. bad. It’s simply a different way of how I see and think and perceive and analyze.
My “new” normal is part of my overall evolution consistently making me a stronger, more Self-aware woman as I continue learn about other cultures which in turn helps me to better understand myself.


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