Why Black Entrepreneurs Need to Do Business with Black-Owned Advertising Agencies

Posted on July 08 2016

Recently, I have been seeking an advertising agency to perform marketing and advertising for my business, LocStar Revolution. Since launching my business a few months ago, I tried to save money and market and advertise myself.  I’ll tell you now, I am not a marketing expert by no means and I found out very quickly just how much work it takes to market and advertise on my own.


So, I asked around and many people didn’t seem to know of any Black-owned marketing companies. I completed several Google searches and couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I, even, went to a Shopify group but I knew in my heart that I wouldn’t find my answer there.

Last night, I was working while my Suns were asleep and I was checking my email. I know it had to be God who heard me because for some reason I opened this email that was sent to me from We Buy Black. I always thought We Buy Black was only a company that sold items. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what they did but I opened that email anyway.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I support and buy from Black-owned businesses as much as I can. But, lately, since my startup, my budget has been a lot tighter so I haven’t been able to shop as much as I would love to. I have been purposefully avoiding stores where I know I will probably spend too much money.

I was shocked to see an advertisement stating that for a limited time We Buy Black will be offering advertising services for a lower price at $100 instead of their usual price (I tried to research their usual price but could not find it). I believe We Buy Black’s usual advertising price is $300+ per month.


I could not sign up fast enough!

I, also, just saw another advertisement (while looking for We Buy Black’s normal advertising price) and I saw that there are only 100 slots available. So, Black Sistahs and Black Bruthas, please hurry up and sign up now while the opportunity lasts.


But, what I really wanted to highlight on is that this ideology of making sure you advertise with your own race is incredibly obvious and highly beneficial. It’s unbelievable more Black businesses aren’t doing this. The benefits are vast for every party involved.

For example, I am a Black business owner. I need to find customers who are interested in my products. Black-owned Advertising company will collectively have an audience of people looking for businesses just like me (and you), especially if our products and/or services are designed specifically for them.


But, that’s just the beginning of the enormous benefit of using a Black-owned Business advertising agency.

I pay $100 a month which allows me to support a Black-Owned business while, also, allowing them to continue to do what they do best. <3

Then that Black-owned advertising business is supporting me by doing my marketing and advertising for me. <3

And because We Buy Black is a network like Etsy and, also known as, “the Black Amazon”, I will be able to network and find potential partners to work with in the future. I can find Black businesses to purchase from for additional goods/products and services, whether this is personal use or for my business. I am constantly looking for Black-owned businesses that wholesale or allow Black companies to become an affiliate/partner. A great deal of companies earn a lot of money from simply participating in affiliate networks alone. And affiliate networking is free (be on the lookout for that blog post and additional information about affiliates).

Do you see where I’m going here? The list of benefits goes on and on and every Black person is eating, instead of just one Black family becoming immensely rich and not really helping anyone else on a significant level.

Below, I created a list of Black-owned businesses that will advertise and promote your business for you so you can focus on simply being amazing.

Black-Owned Advertising Agencies or companies that will help bring your Black-owned Business further exposure:

1)      We Buy Black –

2)      Black Owned Business Network –

3)      Black Business List –

4)      Black Girl Click AdNetwork – and check out the article “The New Black Girl Click Ad Network” by our SiStar, Lashanda at

5)      The Urban Business Network –

6)      Black Women Network –

7)      Black Business Professional Network –

8)      Black Business Network –

You are very highly likely to see my store, LocStar Revolution, being advertised on these sites. Let’s stop being concerned about spending money with each other or doing business with each other. We are stronger when we are united!

I know this list could be so much longer. If you all own or know of a Black-owned business that does advertising and/or marketing for Black-owned businesses, please list that information in the comments below!

Much Love!

Tynisa El


  • L.Lee: November 25, 2016

    You’re missing one other website for your list is called B.E.N. or Black Enterprise Network, its fairly new but I see this marketplace doing very well in the future !

  • Bbe: July 31, 2016

    What? No Buy Black Economics? ?

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